Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology, University of Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

About Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology, University of Montenegro

The Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology is the first maritime archaeology research unit in Montenegro. It is established at the University of Montenegro within the Centre for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor.

The mission of the Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology is to foster research in maritime and underwater archaeology, support policy development and make the underwater cultural heritage of Montenegro accessible to the public by applying state-of-the-art methodology and the highest scientific standards for investigation, documentation, interpretation and promotion of maritime archaeological and underwater cultural heritage sites.

Through its educational activities and multidisciplinary approach, the Laboratory for Maritime Archeology will support the development of the institutional capacities, uptake of innovative research methods, state-of-the-art documentation techniques and protection of underwater cultural heritage through intersectoral and interinstitutional cooperation. It will facilitate the development and greater international academic presence of Montenegrin researchers in the field of sciences relevant to underwater research. It will advocate the implementation of the provisions of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage and promote sustainable touristic valorization of underwater cultural heritage.


            The Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology is equipped with, an 8,5 meters boat with twin outboard engines, diving equipment, full underwater photogrammetry and laser scanning data acquisition sets, remote sensing equipment (SSS and MBES), 3D printers, and workstations for data processing and analysis.

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